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Open Architecture Surgical Innovation Suite - OASIS

The Biophotonics & Bioengineering Lab and its partners are collaborating to create an Open Architecture Surgical Suite (OASIS) for the operating room of the future. Some of the latest technologies include surgical navigation systems, high-frequency or micro-ultrasound (HFUS/μUS), 4K-stereo exoscopes (4KSE), molecular-guided imaging systems, and optical coherence tomography (OCT), as well as platforms for visualization and workflow including augmented reality (AR) systems and robotics platforms. However, a disciplined systematic method of testing, refinement and implementation of new technologies has not been developed. in order to create systems which improve the overall outcomes in surgery, streamline OR workflow, and improve and reduce the potential for information overload the project group will attempt to bring these systems into the neurosurgical OR in a tested and proven manner, but also adapt these technologies for further use in other surgical disciplines.