Hosted in Burnaby BC, in partnership with i-onCONNECT, REMAP is pleased to announce this year’s award for Canada’s coveted spot at SingularityU’s Global Startup Program (GSP) goes to Bo Simango, founder of Holocene.

2019 SU Canada GIC Live Pitch Event

SingularityU Canada Global Impact Challenge Announces 2019 Winner

The 2019 SingularityU Canada Global Impact Challenge, hosted by ReMAP and i-onCONNECT is pleased to announce Canada’s next Exponential Leader. This year’s award for Canada’s coveted spot at SingularityU’s Global Startup Program (GSP) goes to Bo Simango, founder of Holocene. The prize is valued at $40K USD.

Announced in October, 2018 the #canadagic challenge was open to Canadian entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists, technologists and engineers to bring their BIG idea to impact the lives of 1 million+ Canadians and beyond using exponential technology. Submissions ranged from a wide variety of technologies to improve food security, the environment, energy, water, education, health, space, prosperity and disaster resilience.

The Finalist Pitch Event was held in Burnaby, BC at i-onCONNECT on May 29th where five contestants pitched their BIG, bold ideas to an esteemed panel of judges. Winner, Bo Simango will attend SingularityU’s Global Startup Program (GSP) starting on September 4th, 2019.

Aiming to scale startups into global businesses, the GSP brings together entrepreneurs from around the world for immersive workshops and intensive fieldwork, as well as continued access to support. Structured in three phrases, the GSP consists of:  

Activate:   4-week competitive residential experience in Delhi, India, a    SingularityU Partner country.
Accelerate: 4-week accelerator at the NASA Ames Research Park in Mountain View, CA
Connect: 1-year connection to leverage SU’s digital courses, webinars,  virtual meetings and more.  


2019 SingularityU Canada Global Impact Challenge Winner

 (Left to right) Andrea Palmer, Bo Simango - Winner, and Anne Connelly

At the live pitch event, Bo Simango, presented his idea to develop an app that addresses the needs of Disaster Resilience in Canada and beyond. The technology provides real-time asset location tracking for government disaster response departments & teams using a web app. Responders can assist survivors at staging locations or along evacuation routes and save lives. Using RFID, cellular and GPS, low cost, low power IoT tags tracks real-time location information of high value, critical assets such as mobile equipment, vehicles, medical supplies, food and shelter.  Data is sent wirelessly via a server link to electronic devices anywhere. Built on the SAGE platform, Holocene has created a visual geolocation solution with worldwide reach and asset level data.  

2019 SingularityU Canada Gloal Impact Challenge Finalists

The other four top Canadian’s who pitched at the eventreceived honorable mentions for their ground-breaking ideas.

Geoffrey Ching,Co-Founder, AUGOS shared his BIG idea to improve access to eye care through combined application ofonline screening tools and data insights that help optometrists streamlinetheir optometric practice.

Shelena Marsh, Founder, Open World Access, introduced her company that uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide accessible communication for sign language users.

Dan McCann,President, Kodisoft pitched a disruption of HealthTech Diagnostics with theirstartup –the world-leading producer of smart tables for public environments. TheirIP is the IoT sensor technology that allows people to use a smart table throughvery thick glass so you can collaborate through touch and visualization.

Francis Vala,Founder, H.E.A.T (Human Empowerment and Transformation) Academy shared hisinnovative idea to save lives with a holistic approach to wellness thatsupports people AND health professionals.

2019 SingularityU Canada Global Impact Challenge Judges

(left to right) Tamara Etmannski, Anastasia Hambali, Min S. FitzGerald, Raghwa Gopal, Ernest Daddey, and Regina Njima

The 2019 judging panel included Tamara Etmannski, Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group, Sauder School of Business, UBC; Anastasia Hambali, Growth Advisor & Connector, BC Tech; Min S. FitzGerald, CEO, Nutrigene; Raghwa Gopal, CEO, Innovate BC; Ernest Daddey, Managing Director and CTO, i-onCONNECT; and Regina Njima, Director, SingularityU Global Impact Challenge.

The same competition took place in Australia and Chile andwill take place in several other countries around the world throughout 2019. Canadahas a celebrated history of world-changing innovations in medicine, energy,transportation, food, technology, and more. “Canadians have the talent,drive, dedication, and opportunity to succeed, “said Irene Sterian,Head of the Canada GIC and President & CEO of ReMAP.

Special guests at the gala event included, 2015 Canada GIC Winner, Andrea Palmer, CEO of Awake Labs, as well as, Keynote Anne Connelly, SingularityU Faculty- Blockchain.

The 2019 SingularityU GIC is an opportunity for Canadians to rise to the occasion. The winner & their BIG, bold idea to solve grand global challenges with exponential technology will be recognized and connected with global thought leaders.  Bo will join students from around the world, as Canada’s representative to develop his moonshot idea for an abundant future.

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