COVID-19 Emergency Fund

$50K COVID-19 Emergency Fund Banner

Like many Canadians, we have been working behind the scenes to ensure we are doing everything we can to support our families, friends, clients and colleagues during these turbulent and unprecedented times. 

In response to the Canadian government’s urgent call to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, ReMAP has mobilized to support our 67 partners with a $50k COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

$50K COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Many of our partners have been inundated with requests to pivot their business and take quick action to help our country’s fight against the COVID-19 virus. Some of them have capabilities, components, expertise or innovative solutions to fight COVID-19 but need seed funding and/or partners to make their ideas come to fruition.  

In response to this, ReMAP launched a 50k COVID-19 Emergency Fund. The fund will help our partners advance products or processes that will meet the critical needs identified by the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Response Plan (i.e. purchase health specs, purchase/ develop tooling, modify existing equipment or processes, develop test methods for new products).

Together, we can make a difference

Although we are a small organization, we collaborate with all stakeholders in the supply chain and strive to punch above our weight. Our partners are companies of all sizes,start-ups, SMEs, MNEs, suppliers, as well as research institutions and academia. Some of these partners have already stepped up:

FIBOS makes high performance optical sensors & gauge amplifiers utilizing fiber optic technology. Although their optical sensors do not provide any immediate benefit in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, they have design capabilities, machining, 3D printing, tools and trained technicians. Fibos has committed to being part of the Canadian COVID-19 by manufacturing 3D printed protective visors.  

Myant is on a mission to empower humanity through Textile Computing™. Myant is working on a joint proposal in partnership with other enterprises and organizations (such as Bayshore HealthCare, a major Canadian retailer, and Telehealth Ontario) for the deployment of a solution that enables remote triaging of patients, telemedicine for the management of ongoing health conditions, and a solution to combat social isolation for vulnerable populations like the elderly.

iGen has developed the world's first self-powered space and water heating appliance. They are proposing to repurpose some of their inventory in order to address space and water heating requirements within temporary shelters or buildings required as part of the COVID-19 response efforts across the country. They can pledge up to 500 i2 units, with an estimated positive impact of supporting 250,000 people for emergency relief. The self-powered heating appliance can be configured for quick deployment to provide space heating (forced air, radiant, combination), domestic hot water and/or high temperature water for sterilization/medical equipment.

AOMS offers an integrated Industrial IoT platform based on its patented fiber optic sensing technology to help industries collect mission-critical data and generate insightful information about their assets and processes. They have the ability to manufacture and deploy wireless sensors for monitoring air quality (temperature, pressure, relative humidity, gases, etc) in indoor and outdoor environments including but not limited to hospitals, long-term care centres, and other public and private areas; deploy wireless people traffic monitoring systems (without using cell phones) in enclosed spaces to monitoring efficient social distancing. AOMS can also quickly modify its current material and equipment tracking software system and mobile app to create a tracking system for medical supply and equipment that used by all healthcare practitioners.

The power of Canada’s ecosystem

Our priority is to foster an environment that enables collaboration for the best possible idea to see the light of day. Our mandate is to reach an additional 20,000 mentoring hours in the coming years and we will mentor anyone in Canada's manufacturing supply chain that needs help navigating the current business environment specifically in electronics, optics and photonics, energy solutions and novel materials. 

We remain committed to leveraging our global network of researchers, scientists, supply chains, subject matter experts and more than 70 manufacturing lines and scientific labs across Canada to help our partners as they work toward their innovative solution. 

Please feel free to reach out to us directly, should you find that there are other opportunities for us to help in Canada’s response to COVID-19.