What You Missed at CES2020

TORONTO, January 16, 2020 –CES2020 has become the world’s largest tech show and fourth largest automotive show. This year's event brought together global industry leaders, including a memorable keynote address from Delta Airlines. If you weren’t at CES2020, here’s a recap of a few of the new innovations we saw this year.

CEO Ed Bastias delivered the Delta keynote – a first for an airline company at CES.  Bastias talked about the latest innovations developed by Delta through partnerships with startups, becoming a disruptive force in the airline industry and breaking ground in the future of travel for both their employees and the customers they serve.

The Future of Work

Delta has partnered with Sarcos Robotics to do some of its heavy lifting. The Guardian®  XO® exoskeleton is poised to have an impact on the future of work in the airline industry and beyond. By functioning as an assist to managing baggage at Delta, the Guardian® XO®  is designed to boost physical capabilities while reducing occupational injury.

ReMAP had the chance to test drive the
Guardian® XO®
robotic human assistant tech from Sarcos Robotics

AR, VR and now Parallel Reality (PR)

Delta has also partnered with Misapplied Sciences to provide a personalized experience for their customers with ParallelReality™. Their proprietary advanced optics, digital display and customized pixel technology provides individualized messaging for each Delta passenger. Coming soon to Detroit, anyone who opts into the beta trial can approach a display and see travel information, shopping suggestions, directions and more in their own language. Discover more about Delta's use of  ParallelReality™  from Misapplied Sciences on Fast Company.

Each traveler will be able to view tailored information at the same time, and on the same screen, as up to around a hundred others.

The MaaS Game

In addition to Delta, mobility and mobility as a service (MaaS) was prominent at CES. Everyone from Delta and Lyft, Hyundai and Uber, Samsung and many others want to be in the mobility and MaaS game. Many booths featured autonomous shuttles and shuttle services. We saw Sony Entertainment with their own car featuring a 360° sensor technology called "Safety Cocoon". Also on display was, Alexa inside your Lamborghini entertainment system, Hyundai and Uber teamed up to showcase their helicopter of the future and Delta and Lyft were proposing door-to-door travel services.

Quantum Computing for Exponential Problems

In 2019, IBM showed an AI  chip and a Quantum chip. This year IBM  demonstrated their speed of technology advancement by showcasing the Quantum Computer, IBM Q System One. IBMs new quantum computer enabled an IBM/Daimler collaboration dedicated to  the future of battery technology. The next meaningful jump forward for EV will likely come in energy storage to advance more powerful, longer-lasting and cheaper batteries.

IBM/Daimler aim to make lithium-sulfur batteries a viable replacement for lithium-ion cells using the complex problem solving ability of quantum computing.  

Computing on the Edge

Explosive growth of connected devices is driving edge computing to transform the way data is processed and delivered through networks like 5G. Real-time applications like processing and analytics, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and robotics require faster networking and edge computing.  Cepton received a CES2020 Innovation Award for their Helius Smart LiDAR System with edge computing. The computer AI is combined with a sensor to improve the speed of data processing to create a robust product offering to their customers. It shows strong potential for smart cities, aiding traffic management, crowd flow, security and public safety.

Cepton receives CES2020 Innovation Award for Helius Smart LiDAR System in Smart Cities & Tech For A Better World Categories.  

Hear what Irene Sterian, ReMAP Founder, CEO, & President had to say about technology disruption at CES2020.  

In summary, CES 2020 was an exceptional year to discover disruptive technology innovations. From smart cities to transportation, the progression of software and AI to hardware was evident. Notable transformations in technology such as smart sensors and edge computing. One of the most interesting aspects of CES this year was technology convergence and industry convergence.

Other News @CES2020

Smart Textiles
Myant recognized with Myant Innovation Award in Health & Wellness Category for Skiin System.

Autonomous Vehicles
LeddarTech® awarded CES2020 Innovation Award in  Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation Category for Leddar™ Pixell

Made in Canada EV
APMA launches Project Arrow, an all-Canadian EV project in an effort to create a Zero-emissions future for Canada by 2050.