Why Canada? Why REMAP?

Ten things you didn't know about REMAP

  1. We are the Uber of Electronics. We leverage more than 50 scientific labs and manufacturing labs across Canada.
  2. Hardware doesn't have to be hard. We have all the ingredients to help you integrate SW, HW, & AI.
  3. We are committed to having, no SME left behind in their Digital Transformation.
  4. We invest in People, Tech, and Talent.
  5. We are in the business of technology. Smart Manufacturing for a Connected World.
  6. We're digital, we're fast, and we create strong supply chains.
  7. Trusted and secure pair of hands. Your IP is safe with us.
  8. We think BIG and create value. We work well with speed, resilience and agility.
  9. We play to win. We've built a robust ecosystem for growth.
  10. We're always looking for Strategic Partners to accelerate technology.

Connect with us today, email:  info@remapnetwork.org