Smart Manufacturing for a Connected World


In the discovery phase, participants will learn more about Industry 4.0, new technologies and the best way to transform their business using the Smart Manufacturing for a Connected World framework.
In the virtual workshop, SMEs will build a digital roadmap by applying the REMAP self-assessment tool to chart a path forward in the measurement, identification and implementation of company-specific approaches to a digital transformation.
Next, REMAP will conduct a virtual tour of your factory to conduct a technical analysis of your facility to: 

• Validate the technical level of the company for the implementation of Industry 4.0 related technologies. 

• Analyze the current state of technology for the manufacturing process and product design. 

• Highlight potential solutions for bridging of gaps identified.  

• Identify the next steps to be taken by SME. 

• Estimate costs associated with implementation of solutions proposed or savings associated with digitization of the processes.

Are you a leader in a small to medium-sized manufacturing business and want to make your company more competitive?

Over the past decade, a number of technologies have reached important levels of maturity, such as improvements in computing power and wireless connectivity, advancements in mathematical algorithms and lower costs of sensors and electronic hardware. The convergence of these trends means that we are now seeing the commercialization of new technologies and applications for the manufacturing shop floor – often referred to as Industry 4.0.

REMAP regards Smart Manufacturing as the rapid transfer of science and technology into digital manufacturing, product design, optimized supply chains, new business models, globalization and speed-to-market.

Maria Negulescu (left), an Industrial Technology Advisor with the National Research Counsel of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) presenting at the REMAP Windsor conference. The REMAP Smart Manufacturing for a Connected World program is supported in part by funding from NRC IRAP.

Do you want to create a company that is more resilient to change?

Companies committed to digitization have the greatest chance to survive massive, unexpected, economic and social forces. To build resilience as manufacturers adapt to the impact of COVID-19, think about making manufacturing more flexible and vertically integrated. We’ve seen companies who have already digitized their product and processes and they can pivot faster, easily collaborate with new partners and react with innovation.

" The REMAP Smart Manufacturing for a Connected World assessment provided us with a tool and a common vocabulary for our leadership team to collaborate and advance our digital transformation. "
SME in Brampton, ON

No SME Left Behind

Understanding the benefits for the Canadian factory, calculating ROI, scaling complex, capital‐intensive manufacturing processes, retooling the workforce and prioritizing where to focus first, are just some of the challenges. The Smart Manufacturing framework enables SMEs across the country to discover digital manufacturing to boost productivity, increase economic growth and create new business opportunities.

Receive an overview of market ready smart manufacturing technologies, that include expert advice and best practices.

Complete a readiness assessment and identify opportunities to adopt smart manufacturing technologies that close the gaps in your digital processes.

Connect with industry resources and supports in your region that can help you plan a future with green solutions and a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Hear from an SME who successfully implemented a new digital manufacturing technology and how it has delivered benefits to their operations.


In these sessions, participants find a practical and scalable approach that will empower SMEs in their digital transformation:
• New Skills
• Digital Roadmap
• Project Funding
• Collaborative Partners 


The program is designed for future-focused leaders who want to leverage a competitive advantage and resiliency through digital technologies and smart manufacturing tools.
• 1,000+ Registrants To Date
• 11 Cities Across Canada
• 14 SME Factory Tours  from PEI to BC

Start Small. Think BIG and Create Value.

Established in 2014, REMAP is home to Canada’s first advanced manufacturing network. We’ve built a robust supply chain of more than 70 of Canada’s most sophisticated labs and manufacturing lines to accelerate global commercialization.

Digital transformation is the most effective way to grow Canada’s advanced manufacturing industry. That’s why we’ve developed a proven strategy for Canadian SMEs to navigate the digital economy, accelerate growth and create new business opportunities in the adoption of Smart Manufacturing for a Connected World.

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