COVID-19 Emergency Seed Funding

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[TORONTO,ON] - [APRIL 20, 2020] – The Canadian government’s urgent call to ‘plank the curve’ motivated ReMAP to mobilize our 46+ partners with a $60k COVID-19 Emergency Fund. There was an overwhelming response from our partners, demonstrating to us their passion and commitment for innovation. The fund will help our partners advance products or processes that will meet the critical needs identified by the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Response Plan.  

We congratulate our partners who have joined the thousands of Canadians who are innovating to fight COVID-19.  We are proud to support the following teams with ReMAP seed funding to advance their COVID-19 rapid recovery efforts:

Hand Sanitizer Plus

Hand Sanitizer

Microbonds Inc. has joined with Canadian partners and suppliers for volume production of Silver-Infused anti-microbial sanitizer products to meet the COVID-19 demand.   

Their innovative chemistry, bonds a microscopic layer of antimicrobial silver on the skin & fabric for 24 hrs. Microbonds’ innovations (validated by peer-reviewed research) are ready to apply to key products to help protect front-line COVID-19 responders, patients and the public.

Washable and Reusable Anti-Viral/Bacterial Masks for Everyone

Myant has developed and manufactured a premium mask with textiles containing copper or silver, known to maximize protection against COVID-19.

Myant C-200 Mask

Leveraging its deep interdisciplinary expertise across materials science, biochemistry, and textiles, Myant is able to rapidly produce and test new designs for PPE that will help to minimize risk of exposure to microbial threats.  

Their unique process of knitting anti-bacterial, anti-viral elements in this reusable design will aid in the protection of Canada’s healthcare workers and public. Look at their online store to buy Myant masks.  

Personal Protective Equipment

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Innovative Manufacturing Centre (IMC), TJ Disposal Ltd., ASPEN Innovation Inc., X-Steam-inator Agriculture Products Ltd., and HoneyBee Manufacturing Ltd. have teamed up to protect our healthcare heroes and essential service workers.

This collaboration of proven innovators are largely pivoting from Saskatchewan's Agriculture sector. The team is planning to manufacture polymer-based masks which will have bacteria and particle filtration efficiency. This mask is easily reusable for a long time by sterilizing and disinfecting the filter or disposing and inserting a new filter in the mask. This project can lead to new innovations for the entire PPE spectrum from reusable masks and disposable filters, to portable steam sterilizers and sanitization services.   

Reusable Face Shields

Sunnybrook COVID-19 Response Banner

The Sunnybrook Research Centre has partnered with key stakeholders within Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and industrial partner Javelin Technologies Inc., to design a reusable face shield that can be re-sanitized using standard methods available at the hospital.

In addition to providing eye protection and prevention of droplet contact, these face shields are comfortable for extended use for health care personnel, and can be rapidly produced and scaled to meet the demands of the healthcare system.  

IoT Solutions to Control the Spread of Pandemic Respiratory Diseases

AOMS is offering its IoT platform, to track medical and healthcare assets and supplies in real-time to improve planning and assignment of supply during pandemic situations.

In addition, The AOMS suite of wireless sensors for environmental monitoring (temperature, relative humidity, gases, dust, noise, etc ) can be deployed in hospitals, health care centers, long-term care homes, medical supply storage rooms, and medical labs, to improve patient care, prevent product loss and damage, and meet compliance standards.  This is a pivot from their core technology in the construction industry to meet the immediate needs of Canada’s Healthcare service workers.  

Diagnostic Platform For On-Site Detection of COVID-19

FREDsense Technologies is a synthetic biology company building portable field kits for the detection of trace contaminants such as heavy metals and organic compounds. This project will pivot FREDsense from the environmental testing space into the health diagnostics area.

Diagnostic swab to test for COVID-19

FREDsense aims to take advantage of their existing hardware and software systems to facilitate faster and broader testing to help push through this pandemic.  Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, FREDsense is happy to have this opportunity to enable the rapid detection of COVID-19 for all Canadians.


Find more details about our COVID-19 Emergency Fund or Response to COVID-19.

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